What is income tax and do I have to pay this?

You will have to pay taxes over your income whether you are an employee or work as a FreeFlexer.

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What is income tax?
As a FreeFlexer, you pay taxes of your income just like everyone with an income in The Netherlands. This is called income tax. Income tax is one of the 2 kinds of taxes which every FreeFlexer has to deal with. 

Do I have to pay income tax or not?
Have you received a blue envelope from the Tax Authorities requesting you to declare your income tax over the past year? This means that you are obliged to declare your income tax by the first of May at its latest. Haven’t you received an envelope? Fill in one of the trial declarations on the website of the Tax Authorities.

What about the Healthcare insurance act?
In the Netherlands we pay besides our premium for the healthcare insurance act, an income-related contribution to the Healthcare insurance act. This contribution is withheld by your employee whenever you earn a wage. In case you work in the Netherlands without earning wage - such as FreeFlexers - you have to pay this contribution yourselves to the Tax Authorities. You do this every year during the income tax declaration. The amount of this contribution is related to your income as a FreeFlexer.

I’m having trouble filling in my income tax. What now?
If you’re finding it difficult or are too busy to keep track of and fill in your taxes, it would be wise to hire an accountant to do this for you. They will be up to date with all the tax benefits. An accountant will cost you between € 40,- and € 70,- per month. 

Are you still left with some questions? That’s understandable, it can get quite complicated. Read some more on this in our blog or on the website of the Tax Authorities. 

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