A client published a shift with an hourly rate. Do you have an excellent knowledge of wines, do you speak several languages or do you just want to cover your travel expenses? These are all reasons to negotiate the hourly rate.

How to make a counter proposal

  1. Select the shifts wherefore you want to apply.

  2. Click on 'Negotiate rate'.

  3. The following screen shows you the shifts you want to apply for. Click on the plus sign at the shift to raise the hourly rate.

  4. Explain why you deserve a higher rate. 

  5. Check all the requirements. 

How does this work?
The client receives your application with the request for a higher hourly rate. Please note:

  • You only can be chosen for the hourly rate you have forwarded.

  • Your negotiated hourly rate can't be adjusted during your open application.

  • If you are not chosen, you can only apply again for a lower hourly rate than your negotiated one. Did the hourly rate rise meanwhile? Then you will be able again to apply for a higher hourly rate.

Think carefully before you negotiate
More money is always tempting but think carefully before you negotiate. It may reduce your chances of being chosen.

I'm chosen for the negotiated rate but I won't work

  • If you are chosen and you will be cancelled within the cancellation term, then you can claim 50% of your negotiated rate of your total shift.

  • If you arrange a substitute, he/she will work for the negotiated hourly rate.

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