This is how you accept a FreeFlexer who has made a counterproposal

You have published a shift for an hourly rate. A FreeFlexer thinks he's worth more. He has made a counterproposal.

  1. Open the applications. On the left side you can find FreeFlexers who want to work for the hourly rate you selected. On the right are the FreeFlexers who have made a counterproposal. In the FreeFlexer's profile the counter-proposal is shown in purple.

  2. Click on "Read Why". Here the FreeFlexer explains why he/she is worth more.

  3. Do you agree? Then click 'accept'.

If the FreeFlexer has responded to multiple shifts with you, you will see a purple bar next to the shift with the requested hourly rate. Move your mouse over the block to read the reason.

How does this work?

  • Are you rejecting a FreeFlexer with a proposed hourly rate? Then the FreeFlexer can only apply again for a lower rate than previously proposed one. Have you increased the hourly rate in the meantime? Then the FreeFlexer can react again with a higher hourly rate.

  • Have you switched on 'automatically accept Flexpool' or 'find the most suitable candidate within 48 hours'? FreeFlexers are not automatically accepted if they negotiate the hourly rate.

  • Are you cancelling a FreeFlexer who was accepted for a negotiated hourly rate? Then the FreeFlexer will have the opportunity to claim 50% of the total shift duration of the negotiated rate.

  • If a FreeFlexer has been accepted for the negotiated rate and has arranged for a replacement, the replacement will work for the negotiated rate.

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