Want to post a shift, but don't know what time it starts or ends yet? Post a job with flexible start and end times.

This is how you place a flexible shift:

  1. In the Planning section, click on the day for which you want to post a job.

  2. Enter the hours in the Date and Time section. The flexible start and end times option will no longer be greyed out.

  3. Turn on flexible start and end times. Not successful? Adjust the set cancellation period. The option is only available for jobs outside the cancellation period.

  4. Slide the bar to the time frame of the start and end time. This can differ from the original time by up to 3 hours.

  5. Post the job.

FreeFlexers who sign up for your shift will see the original times with a notification for the flexible times. When the times are confirmed the FreeFlexer receives a text message about this. Change and/or confirm the final times before the cancellation period starts.

This is how you make the times final:

  1. In the schedule, click on the appropriate shift. Times that have not yet been finalized contain the text "flexible times".

  2. Adjust the times and confirm.

  3. A warning screen appears. You can only change times once.

  4. Confirm the times.

  5. The FreeFlexer is notified of the final scheduled hours via SMS.

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