If you have a shift that recurs on a regular basis, you can post a recurring shift.

This will save you a lot of planning, and by doing so, you can be sure that FreeFlexers will be called out when you need them.

How do you place a recurring shift?

  1. Go to 'projects'.

  2. Click on your correct job and you will be taken to the job page.

  3. Scroll down to 'recurring shifts'.

You will then come across this screen:

Here you will see all your active recurring shifts. If you want to revoke an active recurring shift, you can click on 'cancel recurring shift' on the right, then the status will change to 'recurring cancelled'.

4. Click on recurring shift on the top right. You'll end up on this screen:

5. Here you can indicate at the top left how many times you want to place the shift.

6. Click save to place the recurring shift et voilá.

Note: jobs with hired FreeFlexers (inside and outside cancellation policy) cannot be taken offline when you cancel the recurring shift. You still need to do this manually by canceling them first.

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