Your VAT-Identification number, also known as your VAT-ID, is the number you use to communicate with your clients. Ever since the first of January of 2020, you are obliged to mention your VAT-ID on your invoices, website or any other means of communication between you and your clients. Your old VAT-number will now become your turnover tax number. You will use this to communicate with the Tax Authorities.

Why do I have 2 numbers?
With the new VAT-ID, the privacy of all one-man businesses will be better protected since this no longer includes your citizenship number (BSN). 

How do I add the VAT-ID to my profile?

  1. Click on your menu.

  2. Go to your profile.

  3. Scroll down to 'invoices and payments' and click on Edit.

  4. Add your VAT-ID and press save.

What happens if I don’t fill in my VAT-ID on time?
When you don’t have a VAT-ID in your profile, the platform won’t be able to produce invoices for you. Without an invoice, it’s not possible to receive payment for the shifts you’ve worked. So be sure to add your VAT-ID as soon as you can. You will receive a reminder in your dashboard.

You won’t have to add your turnover tax number to your profile.

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