How can I insure myself as a FreeFlexer?
You can sign up for the liability insurance with Alicia Insurances through our platform (site crew and delivery shifts excluded). Is this mandatory? No, but it’s recommended, in case you break something expensive at a client. Alicia can insure you for € 0,46 per worked hour (calculated per minute) with a maximum of € 17,02 per month. We don’t make any profit from your insurance.

There are 3 ways to sign up for this insurance. Fill out your personal details and you are insured. Did you insure yourself? Then the insurance will start for all future applications.

Via actions & reminders.
Within your dashboard, you receive a reminder to insure yourself. Click on this reminder to sign up for the insurance. This option will insure you before you apply.

Via your menu ‘Insurance settings’.

  1. Open your menu.

  2. Click on Insurance settings.

  3. Switch on insurance.

  4. Sign up for the insurance. 

Here you can switch on/off your insurance. Once you have turned off your insurance, you will no longer be insured for your future applications. 

After applying.

  1. Apply for a shift.

  2. Is your application successful? Here you find the possibility to sign up for liability.

  3. Click on tell me more and sign up. 

  4. Please note: you will not be insured for this shift. You only will be insured for future applications. 

How does the payment of the insurance work?
The amount will be reduced from your hourly rate, which you can find on your invoices after completion of your shift. Alicia will also send you an email with an invoice including all the costs per shift. You don’t need a business bank account  to sign up for insurance. If you don’t work for a while, you also won’t have to pay anything. 

Check the terms & conditions.

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