Liability insurance provides protection against claims resulting from damages at a client. Think about a cutting machine that breaks down or a painting in the hotel lobby that accidentally gets damaged. With liability insurance from Alicia Insurances, the damage costs will be covered if you report the claim within 2 weeks after the accident occurred. 

There are a lot of parties offering liability insurance, but via our platform you can insure yourself via Alicia Insurance. They insure you for € 0,46 per worked hour with a maximum of € 17,02 per month. What’s the benefit of this insurance compared to others? With Alicia you only pay when you’ve worked and there is a limit per month. With other parties you often pay for a whole year, even when you haven’t worked at all. Temper doesn’t earn anything from the insurance, it’s something we offer via our platform to make life easier for you. 

Having liability insurance gives you an advantage. Clients prefer to choose you over others because they are guaranteed that their costs will be covered if something goes wrong. Clients can see whether you are insured when you apply for a shift.

Next, you can take these costs into account whilst declaring the income tax. Please note, they can’t be reported during the turnover tax since you don’t pay VAT over these costs but insurance tax.

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