Once you get liability insurance , you are covered for the following things:

You are insured for:

+ Damages to people, things or property of others.
+ Damages to the client's belongings (up to € 25,000 per claim).

You are not insured for:

- Damages caused by intentional, reckless or negligent behaviour.
- Damages caused before or after the shift.
- Sitecrew shifts

Examples of situations in which you are insured:

  • Broke a coffee machine / beer tap / cutting machine or other equipment.

  • Dropped red wine over the carpet.

  • Caused fire damage during cooking.


  • Dropped detergent (such as bleach) onto the clothing that still had to be sold.


  • Broke a laptop / tv / beamer / tablet.


  • Caused damages by dropping packages.

If you want to report damage, do this within 2 weeks after the shift. You can find a button for this at the shift page of the job. Do you have other questions? Contact Alicia Insurance via [email protected]. Temper can’t help you with personal matters about insurance, Alicia Insurance can.

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