Accidents happen when you don’t expect them to. In some cases, they even cause permanent injuries. For example, you may fall down the stairs in a restaurant or fall down from your scooter during a delivery shift and end up in a wheelchair. You don’t want to think about this... and that’s why we are doing it for you.

Get insured for € 0.15 per worked hour

You can add accident insurance coverage for all shifts (except volunteer work) via our platform. If you’re left with a permanent injury, you’ll receive a single, one-time payment. You only pay for the insurance when you work and the price (no tax) depends on the category:

  • Delivery shifts: € 0.36 per worked hour (no maximum per month)

  • Chefs: € 0.25 per worked hour (with a maximum of € 9.25 per month)

  • All other shifts: € 0.15 per worked hour (with a maximum of € 5.50 per month)

Only pay when you work

There are multiple parties offering accident insurance to self-employed workers, but we chose to partner up with Alicia Insurance. While other parties are asking for a yearly payment - even if you didn’t work any shifts - Alicia only charges you when you work.

Gaining an advantage

Clients will be able to see if you’ve added accident insurance coverage so they know accidents with permanent injuries will be covered. This means you’ll be at an advantage when you’re applying for shifts. We don’t receive or gain anything from this.

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