You are free to choose where and at which company you would like to sign up for accident insurance. Via our platform however, you can insure yourself for € 0.36 per worked hour instead of per month.

How do I switch on/off the accident insurance?

1. Via actions and reminders
Within your dashboard, you receive a reminder to insure yourself. Click on this reminder to sign up for the insurance. This option will insure you before you apply for a shift.

2. Via ‘insurance settings’ in your menu
1. Open your menu.
2. Click on ‘Insurance settings’.
3. Click on ‘Accident insurance’.
4. Sign up for the insurance.

Here you can switch on/off your insurance. Once you have turned it off, you will no longer be insured for your future applications.

3. After applying
1. Apply for a shift. Is your application successful? On the confirmation page, you will find the possibility to sign up for accident insurance.
2. Click on ‘Tell me more’ and sign up.

You won’t be insured for this specific shift but only for your future applications.

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