The Fixed Costs Allowance for SMEs (TVL) is intended for SMEs and is the successor to the Compensation for Entrepreneurs in Affected Sectors COVID-19. Companies that meet the conditions can receive an allowance to continue to pay their fixed costs (excluding wage costs).

Who is the scheme for?

The scheme is specifically aimed at SME entrepreneurs who lose a lot of turnover due to the corona crisis and therefore experience difficulties in paying their fixed costs. The scheme is also for organizations with a catering function, such as a hotel, commercial sports canteen, museum or shop with a catering facility. Companies in sectors which are eligible for the TOGS will soon be able to use the TVL.


To qualify for this scheme you must meet a number of conditions:

  • You lost more than 30% of your turnover during the corona crisis. This concerns the turnover of the entire organization, not just the catering part.

  • Your company is not bankrupt and hasn't requested deferment of payment at the court.

The allowance will not be a fixed amount, but is based on the total loss of turnover and the part of the fixed costs that a company pays with it. An average percentage for fixed costs is calculated per sector. Part of that fixed costs percentage is compensated.

Sign up

Applications can be submitted to the Netherlands Enterprise Agency. For the TVL for Q1 the application is not open yet. The exact date will be announced. Even if you have already used the TOGS, you can still use the TVL.

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