Here at Temper, we want to make sure you can find work, pay your bills and have the future in mind.

Being self-employed can be hard and unfortunately, also you can become ill or get injured. In some cases, those incidents can put you out of work for a few weeks or even months. We have partnered with Tulpenfonds to provide disability insurance to help cover your bills in times of need.

Get insured from € 50 per month

You can purchase disability insurance via the Insurance settings page in your Temper Profile.

You will be taken to Tulpenfonds website where you can calculate your premium. Within a few clicks, you can see your monthly premium. Tulpenfonds calculates your premium based on the job category you mostly work in (you will have to pick this yourself) and your age. Good to know, you can deduct the premium from your income tax.

What will be covered?

  • Personal assistance
    If for that unfortunate moment you become injured or ill and are unable to work Tulpenfonds supports you from your first day of illness via providing you a health coach. He or she offers support from your first day of illness until you return to work.

  • Basic wage payment
    If your illness prevents you from working for longer than 6 weeks you will receive a basic wage for a maximum of 7 years up to an amount of € 21,430 gross per year. We find it important that you can rely on your insurance, regardless how much you have worked over the last period. Therefore your reimbursement is linked to the Dutch social minimum and not dependent on how much you have actually worked.

Commitments from Tulpenfonds when getting insured

  1. Help with recovery from day one.

  2. Payment up to € 21,430 gross per year.

  3. Payment for up to 7 years.

  4. Fixed excess of 6 weeks.

  5. Personal health coach.

  6. Reintegration process in the event of long-term disability.

  7. Aftercare up to 6 weeks after recovery.

  8. Monthly terminable (no minimum period).

How can I make a claim?

  1. Report your illness via your account on

  2. Your personal health coach will contact you within 48 hours.

  3. Together with your health coach, you will determine what is going on, what expectations there are for your recovery, and what Tulpenfonds can do for you.

For a greater understanding of how your coverage works please read more here:

(Dutch only)

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