Once you came to an agreement with FreeFlexer - via checkout - on the duration of the assignment, the billing process is automatically initiated (unless the FreeFlexer has opted for processing outside the platform). Every Monday and Thursday, a collective invoice will be generated for all FreeFlexers whose checkout you have approved.

Do you budget by week or by month?

Many companies budget on a weekly or monthly basis. In those cases it's useful to receive one overview of all invoices of FreeFlexers from a specific timeframe, for week 41 for example. This can set this up with 'Split invoices' option on your company page (select 'Edit'). Here you can choose 'Per week' or 'Per month'.

Collective invoice per job group

A collective invoice per job group simply means that an overview of the invoices of the FreeFlexers for a specific period is made per job. If, for example, you have created the job groups serving, assistant chefs and baristas then you will get a separate overview for each of these jobs. This way you can easily enter these separate invoices to your administration's correct cost centre.

PO number

Does your business require PO numbers to be registered for open invoices? If so, you will receive an email from us containing a draft collective invoice. With this draft you can request a PO number within your company, and enter it in the enclosed link upon receiving it.

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