As of the 23rd of January 2021 the Dutch government has issued a curfew. This means that between 9:00 PM and 04:30 AM you have to remain indoors. It's prohibited to be outside without a valid reason.

What to do when my shift is scheduled during curfew?

Work is considered a valid reason to be outside if you provide an individual statement and an employer's statement. These statements have to be provided through an official government issued form, which you can find below.

For scheduled shifts or shifts you're applying to that are or require travelling after 9:00 PM and before 04:30 AM you'll need to have the following forms signed:

  • The form ‘Eigen verklaring avondklok’. Find it here.

  • The form 'Werkgeversverklaring avondklok' (an employer's statement). As a freelancer you will sign this statement yourself. Keep in mind that you do need to fill out the company name and contact details of the client you are working for. Find the form here.

You can have these forms with you in print or digitally (on your phone). Important note: you can't create forms yourself. Always use the official government issued forms.

For now, curfew has been issued until Monday the 15th of March 2021, 04:30 AM.

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