Welcome! Cool that you want to become a FreeFlexer. As a FreeFlexer and independent entrepreneur, you can decide for yourself how, where, when, for whom and at what rate you work.

What is Temper?

Temper is an independent digital platform that makes it possible for FreeFlexers (you!) and clients to get in touch with each other. Think of it as a digital notice board where you can find interesting jobs.

How does Temper work?

If a client is in need of services, they can place a 'job' on the Temper platform. You can then respond to the job and negotiate with the client about the applicable rate and other conditions. Once you have reached an agreement with the client, you can enter into a contract for that assignment. The platform offers a template for this, which is filled in automatically based on the conditions you agree on with the client. How convenient! It is important to note that Temper is not a party to that agreement, and only facilitates the contact between you and the client.

So what is Temper's role?

Temper makes sure that FreeFlexers and clients can find each other, and besides that can help you with the administration of that assignment. Nothing more. So this means that Temper - among other things - does not manage you, does not supervise the work or assignment, does not pay a fee and does not in any way determine how, when, or for whom you perform an assignment.

What is my role as a FreeFlexer?

As a Freeflexer you are an independent contractor. Therefore, you are responsible for finding assignments and for the agreements you make with clients. Of course Temper helps you with this.

You are also responsible for being a real entrepreneur. This means, among other things, that you have multiple clients (and therefore variable income), that you determine yourself how you (or your replacement) carry out the work (in coordination with the client, of course), and that you comply with all rules applicable to entrepreneurs. You are however insured by default, and for free, via insurance partner Alicia Benefits. That means that in most cases you are covered for liability, accidents and long-term illness.

Although Temper can help you with all these issues and provide you with information, these matters are your own responsibility.

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