Use a clear and relevant profile picture

Your profile picture gives the client his or her first impression of you. A profile picture of you at a relevant workplace (e.g. a picture of you working behind the bar), can clearly show who you are and directly portray your work experience. This shows your potential client at a glance that you are the right person for the shift. If you don't have a photo at work, it is important that your potential client can clearly see who he or she is about to accept for the job. So use a sharp, neat photo that shows your face in particular. And last but not least; don’t forget to smile!

Write a catchy introductory text

The introductory text is another element where you can set yourself apart from all the other FreeFlexers. Show your motivation, skills and personality with a short description about yourself. It’s important to remember that every FreeFlexer tries to use this to convince the client that they are the perfect person for the job. This means that you have to be creative and try to stay as least general as possible. This is your time to shine!

Take note of the details of the shift

Every available shift gives certain details. Some shifts require multiple FreeFlexers at the same time. This increases your chances compared to a shift that only needs one FreeFlexer. The platform also shows how many FreeFlexers have already applied for a certain shift. Paying attention to this allows you to apply for a “less demanded” shift which seriously increases your chances of getting selected. When you still have questions about certain shifts, feel free to contact the client. Thus, apply for hidden gems!

Apply for multiple shifts at once

Multiple FreeFlexers will apply for the same shifts as you. Thus, it is important to make sure that you do not put all your eggs in one basket. When you apply for multiple shifts with overlapping time frames, getting selected for a shift will automatically revoke your applications for the other shifts.

Important to note: Your applications will only be revoked of shifts that overlap with set shifts. If you e.g. apply for a shift in the morning, and late at night, getting selected for the morning shift will not revoke your application for the night shift (you can be selected for two different shifts with 59 minutes in between each other). It however is possible to be selected for back-to-back shifts when they are for the same client.

Apply for relevant shifts

It is important to apply for shifts for which you have the skills that match the shift. The client is looking for a FreeFlexer with a certain skill set. When you cannot back-up that you have this specific skill set you will rarely be selected for the shift. Think about your skill set and how you can portray these skills, and apply for jobs that ask for these skills. This will result in you being selected for more shifts than ever before! Furthermore, would you like to work as a server, but have difficulties getting selected for a shift? Start out by applying for wardrobe or dishwashing shifts. The more experience in a certain branch, the better your profile will become!

Take care of your personal rating

Your rating is one of the few elements on which your possible client has to decide on whether you are the right person for the shift. Thus it is important to maintain a great score. Some tips on how to get there:

  • Come prepared: make sure you read the shift description carefully upfront so you know exactly what is expected of you

  • Be on time: no better way to leave a good first impression

  • Own it: you are responsible for your shift. Think for yourself how you can best get the job done and in which other ways you can support your client. We know from experience that that is exactly what clients appreciate most.

When you make sure you do these things, your client will surely love your effort which will result in a perfect score which helps you with your upcoming shift applications.

Keep your contact information up to date

It is important to keep all your contact information up to date. This ensures that the client is able to contact you across multiple platforms and as fast as possible. Not all clients use the same contact platforms so make sure that you are reachable through different mediums e.g, email and mobile number.

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