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How do I know if the FreeFlexer has a valid ID?
How do I know if the FreeFlexer has a valid ID?

FreeFlexers go through a strict ID check, but as a client you should always ask for an ID before the shift starts

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As a client, it is necessary to check that the FreeFlexer who showed up for the job is actually the person you have selected. That's why you should always ask for proof of identity. The FreeFlexer should always be able to show their ID. If not able to, then you will have the right to give that person a no-show. The same applies for when the ID thas has been shown is not valid.

Temper's ID check

In order to start working via our platform, FreeFlexers must upload their proof of identity upon registration. Their uploaded document is checked for validity and authenticity and a biometric check has to passed successfully in order to gain access to shifts on the platform.
There are strict rules about which document is considered legitimate. Only those individuals that are allowed to work as an independent contractor in the Netherlands can pass this ID check and apply to jobs.
We are conducting these checks to minimize platform access as much as we can for individuals lacking work eligibility. Keep in mind that the final responsibility for checking proof of identity and work eligibility always lies with you as the client.

Which identity documents are valid and which are not?

Of course, the proof of identity must not be expired, and the FreeFlexer must be at least 18 years old to be active on our platform. But we can imagine that it's unclear which residence permit allows working as a FreeFlexer. Find an overview of those permits below.

The following identity documents are considered valid:

  • Passport or ID card of EU/EEA or Swiss nationality

  • Passport or ID card with nationality outside of the EU/EEA or Switzerland but with:

    • Residence permit stating ‘Arbeid vrij toegestaan, TWV niet vereist’ ('Work freely permitted, work permit not required').

The following identity documents as invalid:

  • Driver's license (although this is sufficient for personal identification, it is not considered a valid ID card during sign up)

  • Passport or ID card with nationality outside of the EU/EEA or Switzerland, with:

    • Residence permit 'Work freely allowed, work permit required'. The work permit (TWV) can only be issued by an employer.

    • Residence permit 'Self-employment'. Self-employment is allowed, but only for specifically registered fields of work. This cannot be facilitated by our platform. For an example, scroll down.

Note: as a client you are not allowed to make copies of the IDs of freelancers from EER countries (i.e. The Netherlands), Switzerland and Turkey. For freelancers from other countries you are required to make copies.

The FreeFlexer finds a replacement outside our platform

By law, self-employed workers are free to arrange their own replacement for the accepted job. This can also be a replacement that the FreeFlexer has found outside of our platform. In this case we have not been able to check whether that person is entitled to work in the Netherlands as a self-employed person. Ultimately both the original FreeFlexer and the client are responsible for validating the replacement's proof of identity. Is the substitute not entitled to work? Then the no-show applies to the originally selected FreeFlexer.

Not sure about the residence status of a FreeFlexer? Please do not hesitate to contact our support department.

Examlple: Residence permit stating 'Work freely permitted, work permit not required'

Example: Residence permit stating self-employment

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