On Friday 26 November, the Dutch government announced stricter measures to decrease the spread of the corona virus.

One of the measures that will take effect on Sunday 28 November is that all bars, restaurant and non-essential shops will have to close at 5 pm, and essential shops at 8 pm. This has major implications for a number of clients, and may also affect your shift.

Does your hospitality or retail shift take place after 5 pm? Then there’s a good chance that your client will cancel this shift.

Are you not sure whether your shift will go ahead? Then contact the client directly.

We can imagine that as a FreeFlexer it would be a real pity not to be able to work, while you had counted on the income from the shift. Especially after the long period when it was not possible to work in the hospitality industry at all.

Nevertheless, we ask for your understanding for the predicament of the affected clients. Many of them have already been hit hard this year, and will now have to close part of their business again. Their cancellation is due to extraordinary circumstances. In this case, the client can ask you to have the shift cancelled free of charge. We hope you will understand this, also because of your relationship with the client.

Do you still have questions about what the new measures mean for you as a FreeFlexer? We are ready to help you further.

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