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When you work as an employee, you only have to deal with the income tax return. But the moment you start as a FreeFlexer, an extra tax return is added: the VAT return. Sounds like quite a bit of extra work, right? With the help of this article, The TaxSavers makes it as easy as possible for you. Still not quite sure about your tax return? The TaxSavers can help you and give you a 20% discount, contact them for more information.

VAT return

If you take on jobs on the Temper platform, you work on a freelance basis. The moment you start working as a freelancer or FreeFlexer, you have to pay VAT on your turnover. In your case, the turnover will be equal to your hourly wage. So the more hours you have worked, the higher your turnover and the more VAT you have to pay. Have you been busy with your studies for a while, have you taken it easy, or have you not worked for another reason? You must also submit the VAT return with a turnover of €0.

So at first glance, it seems like you have to pay extra money, but this is not the case. Your clients pay this VAT to you, and you forward this to the tax authorities. But how do you know how much VAT you have to pay? Check your invoices for this; those state exactly how much VAT you have received from your client.

Deadlines for submitting VAT returns

You file the VAT return per month, quarter, or year. In most cases, people declare their VAT returns every quarter, which we also assume in this article. You must submit the VAT return on time, otherwise, you could receive a fine. The deadlines are fixed: the last day of the month following the quarter for which you file the tax return. So put the following dates in your diary:

  • Declaration Q1: April 30

  • Declaration Q2: July 31

  • Declaration Q3: October 31

  • Declaration Q4: January 31

Income tax return

This one will sound a bit more familiar to you. Everyone in the Netherlands is obliged to pay tax on their income. You arrange this during the annual income tax return.

As a FreeFlexer, you don't have an employer, which gives you extra flexibility and freedom. Sounds good! However, there is a disadvantage to not having an employer. The income tax and income-related Zvw contribution are not deducted from your salary every month. As a FreeFlexer, you pay this after filing the income tax return.

Help with your tax returns?

No easy stuff, all those taxes. Especially as a FreeFlexer, it is crucial to keep a good administration. Do you find this difficult, or do you not want to file your Dutch tax return by yourself? Then get the help of a tax advisor! At The TaxSavers, we are happy to help you submit a correct and complete tax return on time. Only for FreeFlexers, we offer a 20% discount on our services! Contact them for more information.

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