Temper is implementing some major changes on the platform and for the position of the FreeFlexer in April 2022. These are improvements that will give both you and the FreeFlexer more security. Read more about these improvements and what this means for you as a client below.

Collective Insurance for FreeFlexers

From April 15, all FreeFlexers working through Temper are covered for liability, accidents and even disability (read more about the coverage here). This is unique in Europe! As a result, as a client you can be sure that everyone who works for you through Temper is properly insured and has a safety net to fall back on if things go wrong.

Biometric identification

Simultaneously with the collective insurance, we are introducing a system where we verify the identity of all new FreeFlexers and their right to work in the Netherlands. This is done using biometric identification. In this way, as a client you have even more certainty that you are only working with the best qualified FreeFlexers.

Increase of the Temper Fee

However, as you can imagine, these investments and the inflation over the past few years also have an impact on the Temper Fee we have to charge. Therefore, for the first time since Temper was founded, we must announce an increase in the Temper Fee to ensure that we can continue to provide our high-quality services in the future. Starting April 15, a new (all-in) rate of €3.50 (was €3.00) will apply to all published shifts. The average hourly rate on Temper is currently around €20, so in most cases this is only an increase of 2.5%.

Still have questions about this increase? Please contact our Support Department.

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