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Frequently Asked Questions by clients
Frequently Asked Questions by clients
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These are the 10 most frequently asked questions about our platform. Click on the link and you'll find a short answer immediately.

  1. Hoe maak ik functies en shifts aan?

    To post jobs on our platform you will first need to create a feature. Read how to do that in this article. After creating a job, you can place a shift. This article explains exactly how that works, including how you can post recurring shifts.

  2. Hoe accepteer ik een checkout?

    Has the FreeFlexer finished his job and do you want to complete the checkout? In the top left menu you will find the heading Checkouts. Here you can approve the checkout, give it a review or make a counterproposal. Please note that you have 7 days to accept a checkout. Read all about checkouts here.

  3. Wat houdt het annuleringsbeleid in?

    When you publish a shift, you can indicate right away which cancellation policy you want to use for that shift. You can specify how many days before the start of the job both parties have to cancel without consequences. This can be from 24 hours to a week in advance. As a client, do you cancel outside the time limit? Then the FreeFlexer is entitled to claim 50% of the expected income. If the FreeFlexer cancels, he or she will have to look for a replacement. Read all about the cancellation policy in this article.

  4. Een FreeFlexer is niet aanwezig, wat nu?

    It can be very annoying when a FreeFlexer does not show up. You can therefore assign a no-show to the FreeFlexer, which will lower the attendance percentage. You can also claim €100,- compensation from the FreeFlexer, which means that the FreeFlexer will not be able to take on any more jobs until they have been paid. Read here how to grant a no show. Accidentally claimed a no show claim or changed your mind about it? No problem, please contact our support department.

  5. Wat zijn flexpools precies, en hoe nodig ik FreeFlexers hiervoor uit?

    If a FreeFlexer has worked satisfactorily, then you can invite him or her to your flexpool. This is a group of exceptional freelancers who have proven to perform in this particular role. Learn how to invite FreeFlexers here. The advantages of a flexpool are that these FreeFlexers can automatically be accepted and that your shifts will be brought to the attention of your flexpool.

  6. Hoe voeg ik een bedrijf en/of locatie toe?

    If you are the representative of a large company with multiple locations and/or businesses, you can add them to your main profile. You can do this on the platform under the "My Companies" option. Here it is explained exactly how.

  7. Ik wil een nieuwe gebruiker toevoegen

    You can easily add a colleague yourself via the platform and/or assign roles to different colleagues. This can be done via the menu option 'Companies'. Click on the name of the relevant location, go to the 'users' tab and add or (de)select roles.

  8. Wat zijn de kosten als ik via Temper shifts plaats?

    As a client, you are free to determine the rate for the shifts you place. For every hour worked you pay us € 3,90 usage fee. Per function there is a minimum rate, find it here.

  9. Hoe werkt facturatie aan opdrachtgevers?

    After you have agreed on the duration of the assignment with a FreeFlexer via the checkout, the invoicing process is automatically initiated. Collective invoices are drawn up every two weeks for all FreeFlexers whose checkout you have approved. Invoicing is often done through factoring partner Finqle. Please note that for some FreeFlexers no VAT is calculated. Read here how that works.

  10. Wat is IB47 en hoe doe ik aangifte?

    Before FreeFlexers become entrepreneurs and apply for a VAT ID, they can experience working as a FreeFlexer once through Temper to see if they like it. Because they do not have a VAT-ID yet, no VAT is charged. As the client, you report this to the tax authorities once a year in January via the IB47. We will prepare the IB47 for you.

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