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In this article, you will find the meaning of Temper, client, FreeFlexer, function, shift and Temper-profile.

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Temper is the platform for FreeFlex work. We help to make it as easy as possible for you to be your own boss. We try to do so by creating an easy to use platform, with plenty of shifts at the most exciting locations. An average of 8.000 shifts is posted on the platform every week, meaning that there should always be something in there for you. You get to decide when, where and for what hourly rate you work. You get to fit your working schedule according to your private life, instead of it being the other way around.

This is you - the person that works shifts through our platform.

Clients post shifts on our platform. Clients can be restaurants, cafés, clothing shops and hotels. They are the ones that make the decision on which FreeFlexer will fit their requirements best among all applications. The working agreement you sign will be between you and the client. Temper is not part of this agreement.

Every shift will be categorised under a function. A function can be 'serving’ or ‘room-service’. In your job overview you will be able to use the filter to find the functions you are interested in. Some functions request more experience than others. This is how you add experience to your profile. Every function will include the required skills, clothing and presentation, a briefing and a contact person. Every shift that falls under a specific function will include these requirements.

A job, otherwise known as a shift, will include certain activity/work which is placed on the platform by one of the clients. For instance: the owner of a restaurant places a shift through which they are looking for someone in the function ‘serving’. You as a FreeFlexer can then respond to this shift. Each shift will have a date, hourly rate and a start and ending time.  

Your Temper-profile can be seen as your online business card. Clients can see all the profiles of every FreeFlexer that has applied to their shifts. Make sure that your profile is the one that stands out from the rest. Use a clear photo of your face, write some catch phrases to describe yourself and add your relevant work experience.

Before you make the decision to become an official entrepreneur, you have the option to try Temper once without needing a VAT-ID. After this first shift, you can request a VAT-ID through our platform or by making an appointment with the Chamber of Commerce (CoC). As soon as you have filled in the necessary forms (opgaaf startende onderneming) or had your appointment with the CoC, you will receive an inactive VAT-ID. With this number, you can work 2 more shifts as you await the activation of your number by the Tax Authorities (Belastingdienst). Once your VAT-ID has been fully activated, you can officially call yourself a full-fledged entrepreneur. Whoop whoop!

This wordlist is in development and will continuously be edited and re-written.

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