What are flexpools?

Your own pool of FreeFlexers who have proven to perform in a specific job

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If a FreeFlexer has worked to your satisfaction, then you can invite them to your flexpool. This is a group of exceptional freelancers who have proven to perform in this particular job.

A FreeFlexer can have eight relationships where they can participate in an infinite number of flexpools. Because the FreeFlexer can only have eight relationships, it will always be up to them if they want to accept your invitation to a flexpool.

What are the advantages of a flexpool?

  1. Accept FreeFlexers immediately
    When placing your shift you can indicate that your trusted flexpool participants may be accepted immediately. In that case you are never too late in accepting a FreeFlexer. Plus, the FreeFlexer knows immediately after their registration that they are expected. Handy!

  2. Your shift gets extra attention
    The FreeFlexer can choose the option to receive a notification when shifts for their flexpool are published. This way, your shift will receive extra attention from your trusted group. In addition, if a FreeFlexer cannot make it and is looking for a replacement, your trusted group will be informed immediately.

  3. Your chance of filling this shift increases
    FreeFlexers are more likely to respond to shifts when they are a member of the flexpool.

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