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What to do if a FreeFlexer disagrees with the no-show?
What to do if a FreeFlexer disagrees with the no-show?
Written by Fraukje
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The FreeFlexer can dispute an imposed no-show fee through the platform. You may then decide to keep or waive the fee

Occasionally a serious, unavoidable problem may prevent FreeFlexers from making it to their shift or from finding an adequate substitute. In such cases FreeFlexers have an opportunity to share their reasoning with the client.

When you mark the FreeFlexer as a no-show and demand a compensation fee they can make a one-time request for you to waive the no-show fee. FreeFlexers can also make this request proactively during their own checkout, when they indicate they couldn’t make it.

How does it work?

In response to the no-show, the FreeFlexer can select the option to request the fee to be waived. They can send a message explaining their absence and, if possible, upload a supporting document (e.g., a selfie of them having car trouble).

Once the FreeFlexer has submitted this counterproposal, the checkout will reappear on the Checkouts page with the button 'Resolve dispute.' Click on this button to review the counterproposal.

In the pop-up that appears, you will find the shift information, the message left by the FreeFlexer, and any attachment they may have included.

Decide whether to waive or maintain the no-show claim

Below the message and attachment, you will now have a few options to handle the request:

1) Leave the no-show in force - This will cause a decrease in the attendance rate on the FreeFlexer’s profile. You can then decide whether you want to maintain or waive the fee and if you want to block the FreeFlexer from applying to your future shifts.

Select 'Keep the no-show claim in place' if, despite the FreeFlexer's explanation, you still require compensation for the no-show.

Choose 'Remove the no-show claim' if you agree to withdraw the compensation.

2) Cancel the no-show - The no-show is reverted, which means the FreeFlexer’s attendance rate is unaffected and no compensation fee is claimed.

Make sure to resolve the dispute within 7 days as not doing so will automatically accept the proposal of the FreeFlexer, and will withdraw the compensation fee.

Important note: Keep in mind that once a compensation fee is withdrawn, it cannot be reinstated later. Also, note that a FreeFlexer can only dispute a no-show fee once through the platform, but that there is an option to remove the fee later on as well. If you wish to do so, please send a message to our support department

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