In order to get started as a FreeFlexer via Temper, you generally need experience because clients expect independent professionals. You can respond to jobs in which you have verified work experience and for which you have the required skills. This way you add experience to your profile.

Temper does not check your work experience. But as you can imagine, a client will have expectations in line with the work experience you have added. As with many things in life: also here honesty will bring you the furthest!

The level of experience depends on the type of work:

Wardrobe, cleaning, site crew hospitality and retail, packer, warehouse help, merchandise, service, training or volunteering
No experience needed.

Bartending, barista, hosting hospitality and retail, catering, room service, housekeeping, sales or as a waitress/waiter
A minimum of 5 months of experience required.

Working as an assistant cook
A minimum of 1 year of experience required.

Working as an independent working cook
A minimum of 2 years of experience with 2 different employers / clients required.

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