Often, there are multiple people that respond to the same shift. The client is the one who picks out the best candidate(s) according to their experience and confirmed skills. As soon as the client has made his choice, you will receive an e-mail whether you’ve been assigned the shift or not. We ask the clients to accept FreeFlexers 24 hours in advance at its latest and this happens to be so in most cases. In the situation where it’s even later than that, we recommend you to give the client a call to ask if he could have a look at your application. This way you know what to expect. You can also cancel your application. This way you know for sure that you won’t be accepted last-minute.

Please note: You’re the one who’s responsible for your own applications. Always keep an eye on them on the platform next to the mails that you receive. Don’t forget to check your spam-box.

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