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Do I get a bonus if I connect friends with Temper?
Do I get a bonus if I connect friends with Temper?

Click 'Invite friends' in the menu to share your invite link.

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Do you want to share your enthusiasm about our platform with other people? For every friend who has registered via your invite link and has worked the required amount of shifts, you both receive a cash bonus.

You can find the link by clicking on ‘Invite friends’ in the menu. On this page, you will see your invite link and your earnings.

Possible earnings

‘Possible earnings’ is the total sum of bonuses that you still can earn from the invitations you’ve sent. These are the invitations where your friend has not yet worked the required number of shifts.

Earnings so far

At ‘Earnings so far’ you can see the bonuses you’ve already earned by sharing your link. When your friend has worked the required number of shifts, you’ll see the bonus appear here.

How do I get paid?

Once your friend has worked the required shifts, the invoices will be created for both of you. These are usually paid out within 14 days of the invoice date.

Note: you can only receive a bonus for friends who have signed up via your invite link. We do not handle manual requests.

Tip: Share your invite link on social media. Experience has shown that this generates many registrations, which results in a nice bonus on your bank account.

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