Do I have to send invoices myself?

Your invoices will be sent to the client every Monday and Thursday.

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The platform supports you with creating and sending invoices. Nice and easy! Once the client and you have agreed on the checkout, our system will automatically create an invoice in your name based on the check-out details and the agreements you made with the client before in the assignment agreement. Your invoice will be sent to the client every Monday and Thursday. This invoice will be added to the client’s financial overview, where they can find all their payable invoices. You can look into your invoices through your own Financial Overview in your profile.

In addition, you can decide to send your own invoices (and arrange your own payments) separate from the services offered by Finqle. Important: you need to let your client know upfront that this has your preference to ensure they know what to expect. If you want to use this option please reach out to us!

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