There could be multiple reasons why you would not be able to respond to a shift. We’ve made a list of the reasons why and what this means:

  1. Your experience does not meet the requirements’. This means that your previous work experience in a certain category (for example ‘catering’) has not been added to your profile yet or does not meet the required experience.

  2. You’ve completed your first shift and do not yet possess a VAT-ID. You will have to register as a freelancer to continue on the platform. 

  3. You’re waiting for the activation of your VAT-ID. You’ll be able to work a total of 3 times up until your VAT-ID has been activated, after which you will be able to continue on the platform. Find more information about this process.

  4. A FreeFlexer is looking for a qualified substitute that meets the required skills requested for the shift. Sadly enough you don’t meet the requirements for this specific shift. The shift will only be visible for those who are a qualified substitute.

  5. You are yet to become a FreeFlexer and the client has chosen to only let FreeFlexers respond to their shifts. You will not be able to work here, but only during the try-out of the platform.

  6. The client excluded you from working at his/her place. After the last checkout, the client has opted to not choose to work together anymore in the future. When you try to respond to a shift, the platform will show the following message: ‘You can’t respond to shifts here anymore’.

  7. You’ve worked the maximum amount of 660 hours at the same client and reached the limit.

  8. You can't apply for this substitution shift. You’ve got other KOR settings than the person you try to substitute

  9. You’ve got a no-show. If you didn’t work a shift you have been hired for, the client can give you a no-show. If the client claims the no-show fine, you can’t apply for new shifts until you paid the fine.

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