The FreeFlexer did not show up. What should I do?

Give a no-show to the FreeFlexer via the platform

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It's very inconvenient when a FreeFlexer does not show up. It can cause you serious problems. However, if this happens you can hold FreeFlexers accountable, by issuing them a no-show and selecting which consequences the no-show has for the FreeFlexer.

Consequences of a no-show for a FreeFlexer
When a no-show appears on the FreeFlexer's profile, the attendance percentage in their profile goes down, which is impacting the attractiveness of the profile.

You will also have the opportunity to claim a €100,- compensation fee from the FreeFlexer for the no-show. Until the FreeFlexer pays this fee, they are blocked from applying to your shifts. When marking the FreeFlexer as a no-show you will have the option anyway to indicate if you want to continue working with the FreeFlexer in the future.

How can you issue a no-show?

  1. Go to the shift's job page and open the day in question.

  2. Click on the dots in the card of the FreeFlexer.

  3. Click on: 'Report No-show' and select the reason why you are reporting the no-show.

  4. Confirm whether you want to claim the compensation fee and if you'd like this FreeFlexer to be able to apply to future shifts.

Important note: If a FreeFlexer does not pay the fee via the platform, you will not receive compensation.

The FreeFlexer disputes the no-show
Keep in mind that a FreeFlexer might report the no-show themself or that they can dispute the no-show via the platform. The FreeFlexer can indicate an explanation for not showing up and attach a document to support their case (a doctor's note for instance). Read more about no-show disputes in this article.

Would you like a new FreeFlexer to come and fill the shift as soon as possible?

  1. Post a new shift with a starting time as late as possible. This gives the FreeFlexers time to respond.

  2. Increase the hourly rate to make the shift attractive to the FreeFlexers. Tip: turn on automatic acceptance.

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