It's very unfortunate when a FreeFlexer does not show up. It can cause you serious problems. Be aware that you can hold FreeFlexers accountable, by issueing a no show to the FreeFlexer in that situation. Additionally you will have the option to claim €100,- of the FreeFlexer for the no show. When a no show appears on the FreeFlexer's profile, the attendance percentage in their profile goes down. If you claim, the FreeFlexer will not be able to respond to future shifts until they pay a fine of €100 through the platform. if they do not pay this fine their Temper adventure is over.

How can you issue a no show?

  1. Go to the shift's job page and open the day in question;

  2. Click on the dots in the card of the FreeFlexer;

  3. Click on: 'no show'.

  4. Confirm whether you want the fine.

Important note: If a FreeFlexer does not pay the fine via the platform, you will not receive compensation.

Would you like a new FreeFlexer to come and fill the shift as soon as possible?

  1. Post a new shift with a starting time as late as possible. This gives the FreeFlexers time to respond.

  2. Increase the hourly rate to make the shift attractive to the FreeFlexers. Tip: turn on automatic acceptance.

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