After you have published a shift, you will receive responses from interested FreeFlexers. You will be informed about the applications by email. As soon as a FreeFlexer has responded it is time to assess his application. First go to your job overview.

Click on the job for which you have an application open. Then scroll down.

Click on the green "open application" button to view the applications.

Before you click the green "Accept" button, you can click on the FreeFlexer's picture to see their profile. Check if the FreeFlexer's rating, work experience and personal description meet your needs. Also check if the FreeFlexer has a high attendance and on-time percentage.

Once you have found the right candidate click on the green 'Accept' button. Now accept the agreement that will be set up between you and the FreeFlexer and finalize by clicking 'accept contractor'. They will now receive an email confirming your acceptance. Would you like to provide them with more information? Feel free to contact them personally. By clicking on the envelope with 'send message' next to the shift, you can also send all accepted FreeFlexers for the shift in question a message via Temper.

After the FreeFlexer has worked with you, they will do their check out. You can read how to approve a checkout afterwards here.

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