It sometimes happens that you don’t get chosen for a specific shift you want to work. This is annoying, especially when it happens more often. Here are 5 tips to increase your chance to get chosen for a shift:

1. Create an attractive profile
Upload a representative, sharp photo. Make sure you are alone in this photo and you’re wearing decent clothes. The client is mainly looking for someone with relevant work experience. Enter your work experience in chronological order, so start with your last employer and end with your first.

2. Apply for ‘High chance’ shifts
The chance of being chosen is higher when you apply for shifts with the ‘High chance’ label because these shifts have more open positions than interested FreeFlexers.

3. Sign up for multiple shifts at the same time
On average you have to sign up for 15 shifts to eventually be chosen for one. Respond to multiple shifts at the same time to increase your chances. Overlapping shifts will automatically expire when you are chosen.

4. Turn on the ‘Keep me updated’ function
The ‘Keep me updated’ function helps you to stay updated about new shifts on a specific day. Turn it on so you will receive update emails.

5. Respond to shifts that don’t require experience
No work experience to prove? No worries. Follow a training course at one of the clients or respond to shifts where no work experience is required, such as cloakroom attendant, cleaner, site crew member, packer, warehouse assistance, merchandiser, service employee or volunteer.

Hopefully these tips will help you further. Good luck!

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