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12 things you want to know when you start freeflexing
12 things you want to know when you start freeflexing

Read the most frequently asked questions of users that haven’t worked yet

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1. What is freeflexing?
If you work via our platform, you are a FreeFlexer. When freeflexing, you work for yourself and you have the freedom to determine which jobs on our platform you respond to. Because you can work for various hospitality or retail companies, every day will be different.

2. What is the difference between Temper and an employment agency?
As a temporary worker, you have a contract and you are on the payroll of a company. Via our platform, you work as an independent entrepreneur and you don’t have a contract with anyone.

3. How much experience do I need to work via Temper?
In general, you don't need to have previous work experience to start as a FreeFlexer at Temper.

If you have any relevant experience, make sure you add it to your profile. You can learn how to add it from this article. This way your profile will be even more attractive to your potential clients.

No work experience to prove? No worries. Clients are increasingly offering training courses via our platform where you can gain experience.

4. I’m on the payroll at my main job. Can I also work via Temper?
Yes, that’s possible. It may be that you end up in a higher tax bracket. In The Netherlands, your income from work is taxed via tax box 1. The Tax Authorities (called De Belastingdienst in Dutch) add both gross incomes together. If your total income rises, for example because you have become a FreeFlexer, a part of your income may be taxed in a higher tax bracket.

5. How do I get enough work?
As a FreeFlexer you are responsible for arranging work. 5.000 shifts are added on our platform every week, so you will always find something of your taste. Use the filters in the job overview to find a job that suits you. Do you meet all the requirements (the level of work experience and skills) and are you available? Then click on ‘Confirm and respond’. The client (for example, the restaurant or the store where you applied for) selects the FreeFlexer that fits the job best. If you are the chosen one, you will receive a confirmation email.

6. How do I increase my chances of being selected?
Often, more than one FreeFlexer responds to a job. Therefore it’s recommendable to respond to multiple jobs at the same time. Another tip is to apply to last-minute jobs or jobs with only a few registrations. In this way, you increase your chances of getting the job you want. When the client is satisfied with your way of working, you may get invited to their flexpool. From this position, you are considered as a preferred FreeFlexer over people that come for the first time, which increases your chances even more.

7. Are travel costs reimbursed?
Travel expenses will not be covered by the clients you work for. The hourly rate includes all travel and accommodation expenses. In exceptional cases, travel expenses are reimbursed. If so, it’s mentioned in the briefing.

8. When will I get paid?
With every job, you have the option to be paid within 3 to 5 business days for 2.9% of the invoice amount. If you want the full amount, you have to wait until the client pays. In most cases, this takes at least 30 days.

9. Am I insured?
Yes, you are! Through insurance partner Alicia Benefits you are automatically insured at no cost for liability, accidents and even incapacity for work. An extensive safety net to fall back on when things get tough. Read more about these insurances in this article.

10. What if I can’t come to work?
Are you not able to go to your shift and has the cancellation period expired? Then you must arrange a substitute yourself. Fortunately, we made it very easy to find someone via our platform. Are you unable to arrange a substitute or come yourself? Then the client has the possibility to claim a compensation fee of € 100,-.

11. Which taxes do I have to pay as a FreeFlexer?
As a FreeFlexer, you are obliged to pay VAT (called ‘btw’ in Dutch) and income taxes (called ‘inkomstenbelasting’ in Dutch). You need to file your VAT declaration (called btw-aangifte in Dutch) quarterly. Income declarations are annual. You can always engage an accountant if you need help.

VAT declaration
You receive a 21% VAT on top of your hourly rate for every hour that you work. The client pays you this. The hourly rates on our platform are without VAT. Every quarter, as an entrepreneur, you pay the VAT you receive back to the Tax Authorities when doing the VAT declaration.

Income declaration
As a FreeFlexer you pay — just like everyone else who earns money in the Netherlands — tax on your income. This is called income tax.

12. Can I try Temper once?
Still in doubt? You can work one shift without the need of a VAT number. Taste the freedom to organise your own working life (while getting paid) and find out if that’s something that makes you happy. Do you want to work more often? Then you need to request a VAT number, just like any other self-employed person.

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