The VAT- identification number - also known as the VAT-ID - will be mailed to you by a letter from the Tax Authorities (Belastingdienst). Haven’t you received any letter while you already had a VAT-number in 2019 or did you perhaps lost it? Contact the Tax helpline via 0800-0543.

1. Call the Tax Authorities via 0800-0543 (free)

  • Choice 2: question freelancer/registered as freelancer.

  • Fill in your citizen number (on your ID) or your fiscal number. End with a #

  • Choice 4: Other question.

  • Choice 1: Freelancer and question about the new VAT-ID

  • Choice 1 or 2:

  1. You lost your VAT-ID 

  2. You didn’t receive your VAT-ID or have another question. 

2. A co-worker from the Tax Authorities will be put through. Request the letter with your VAT-ID again. By post, it can take 14 days maximum.

3. Add your VAT-ID to your profile in Temper and continue:

  • Click on Menu

  • Go to My profile.

  • Scroll down to Facturatie en betaling (invoicing and payments) and click on Bewerk (edit). 

  • Fill in your VAT-ID at ‘btw-identificatienummer’ and click on opslaan (save).  

Just started?
Have you recently registered as a one-man business? You should receive 2 different letters from the Tax Authorities. One will mention your turnover tax number, this used to be referred to as your VAT-number. This number will be used in your communication with the Tax Authorities and the declaration of your turnover as well as income tax. The other letter will mention your VAT-ID, this is the number you use to communicate with your clients. This number is used on your invoices, meaning that without it, it’s impossible to get paid. Be sure to add your VAT-ID to your profile as soon as you can.

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