All hourly rates you see on our platform are excluding VAT. This means that you will be paid 21% VAT on top of the hourly rate. 😄

The calculated VAT will eventually be reflected on your invoice. You can find your invoices on the relevant shift page (via 'Past shifts' on your Dashboard), or via your Financial Overview.

Keep in mind: You will have to pay the VAT you receive back to the Tax Authorities. This is part of your quarterly VAT tax return. Read more about these tax returns here. It may be wise to save the amount that you receive in VAT for the time you’ll have to pay it to the Tax Authorities. This way you will not be faced with surprises.

Exception: Have you registered for the Small Businesses Scheme (KOR)? In this case you will not receive VAT, and you do not pay VAT to the Tax Authorities. You will just receive the rate stated in the shift.

Exception 2: Did you not have a VAT-ID when you registered for your first, second, or third shift? Then these shifts were part of your Temper Trial which means VAT was excluded and does not need to be declared.

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