You will only be able to apply for shifts on our platform when you are eligible to work in the Netherlands. Everyone with either a Dutch nationality or one of the members of the European Economic Area, is eligible to work in the Netherlands. 

Before you upload your ID, you will be able to cover up your citizenship number and your photo. The Dutch government has a very handy app which can be used, it’s called the KopieID App. To ensure your privacy, your ID gets a watermark and will be deleted right after it has been verified. Only the clients that you have entered into an agreement with will be able to see the last four digits of your document number. Besides that, only the expiration date and your nationality will be visible so that the client can verify your identity before you start working together. Please remember to bring your ID or passport to the shifts that you have applied for. Your identification papers will not be visible to Temper employees.

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