Yes, you are covered by default in case of accidents. This accident insurance by Alicia Benefits offers financial support if you become permanently disabled or even pass away as a result of an accident. You will then receive a one-off sum of money. This insurance is active during your shifts via Temper and your commute to and from your shifts.

What is not covered by this insurance?
This insurance doesn’t offer coverage if alcohol, drugs or comparable substances were involved, or in the case of fights, among other things. Check out the terms and conditions for a complete overview!

Examples of when you are covered

  1. You’re on your way home, and you get into a car accident. It was quite the blow, and you become disabled. You have a permanent loss of function of your leg. Now you can no longer do the work you would usually do, and need to learn a new profession. (Covered: permanent disability and educational costs).

  2. You had an accident that required medical treatment. During that treatment, something went wrong, which causes you to pass away. Your dependents receive a sum of money. (Covered: incorrect medical treatment after an accident)

  3. You had an accident. To be able to treat you, the medical staff cuts up your clothes. Fortunately, these costs are reimbursed. After the treatment, you need to stay at the hospital for another 4 weeks. You receive € 75 per admission day to cover the extra costs for you and your family. (Covered: personal belongings and hospital stay)

Examples of when you are not covered

  1. You’ve just finished your shift, and decide to have some drinks with your colleagues to end the day. You get on your bike a little too drunk. You fail to notice a red light, and get hit by a car. (Not covered: alcohol)

  2. During a shift, you get into an argument with a customer. All of a sudden, the customer lunges at you, and out of sheer anger you fight back. In the end, there are no winners… (Not covered: fights)

  3. It’s a hot summer’s day. After your shift, you and a few colleagues decide to jump off of a bridge into the water to cool down. Unfortunately, you don’t hit the water quite right, and become partially paralised. (Not covered: risky behaviour and outside of working hours and commute)

How do I file a claim?

You will find an overview of all insurance policies on your Insurances page, which you can access through your profile menu. You can report claims here, but also upon check-out or on past shift pages found through your dashboard. Read more about how you can file a claim or report here.

Want to know more?

Check the Alicia Benefits website for more information about the coverage and the full policy conditions. Here you will also find contact options with Alicia's insurance experts if you have additional questions.

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