I caused damage. Am I insured?

Yes, during your shifts you are covered by default for damage you have caused to others

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As a FreeFlexer you are insured by default for incidents where you have caused damage to others. This business liability insurance (AVB) by Alicia Benefits provides coverage for when you’re liable for damage to a person or other people's belongings, including the stuff you work with that belongs to your client. This insurance is active during your shifts via Temper.

What is not covered by this insurance?
This insurance doesn’t cover any damages to your personal belongings, or if a motor vehicle was involved. A vehicle is considered a motor vehicle when its speed is higher than 25 km/h. Check out the terms and conditions for a complete overview!

Examples of when you are covered

  1. You walk up to a customer with an order. You fail to see another customer's bag, causing you to stumble and drop two cups of coffee over someone's laptop. (Cover: other people's stuff)

  2. You've just finished mopping the floor when someone comes running up to you. Not seeing that the floor is wet, they slip and break an arm. (Covered: personal injury

Examples of when you are not covered

  1. You’re a waiter/waitress and accidentally drop a glass of red wine. Luckily it doesn't fall on a customer, but your new white sneakers are no longer white… (Not covered: personal belongings)

  2. You get into an argument with someone while you are at work. It ends up in a fight, where you give that person a big blow. The customer ends up with a broken nose, and you end up with a lawsuit. (Not covered: intent)

How do I file a claim?

You will find an overview of all insurance policies on your Insurances page, which you can access through the menu in the top right corner of every platform page. You can report claims here, but also upon check-out or on past shift pages found through your dashboard. Read more about how you can file a claim or report here.

Want to know more?

Check the Alicia Benefits website for more information about the coverage and the full policy conditions. Here you will also find contact options with Alicia's insurance experts if you have additional questions.

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