I'm sick. Am I insured of income?

You might be! You are insured of income in case of longer term sickness or disability, and if you have worked at least 10 Temper shifts

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Have you become ill or incapacitated? That's unfortunate, but you may be eligible for financial support through Alicia's disability insurance.

This disability insurance by Alicia Benefits is here for when you become sick or disabled, and therefore incapacitated for a longer period of time. This also applies if you are a student and are physically unable to follow your course of study. This can happen, for example, when you are disabled after an accident or when you become ill. With this insurance you will receive a monthly income so you will not suddenly run out of money.

When am I eligible for this policy?
You can make use of this insurance after you have worked 10 times through Temper, and the last shift was no more than 3 months ago. You will receive benefits if you are off work for more than 2 weeks, for the period until you recover (for up to 2 years). You may also receive a one-time benefit for parental and bereavement leave.

When am I not eligible?
If you are unable to work for less than 2 weeks, this insurance will not cover you. In addition, coverage is only available if you have worked at least 10 shifts through Temper, of which your last shift was less than 3 months ago. Also, some situations are not covered, for example intentional, deliberate recklessness, if alcohol, drugs or similar substances are involved, just to name a few. Read the policy terms and conditions for a complete overview!

How much am I insured for by this policy?
The amount of your monthly benefit is based on how much you earned through Temper in the 3 months before you became unfit for work. You will then receive 70% of that amount each month. Are you a member of the Union for Independent Gigwork? Then you will receive 90% the first year, and 70% the second year.

How do I report sickness or disability?

You will find an overview of all insurance policies on your Insurances page, which you can access through your profile menu. You can report claims here, but also upon check-out or on past shift pages found through your dashboard. You can fill out a claim form online, after which you are contacted by an Alicia employee who will go over the next steps with you.
Read more about how you can file a claim or report here.

Want to know more?

Check the Alicia Benefits website for more information about the coverage and the full policy conditions. Here you will also find contact options with Alicia's insurance experts if you have additional questions.

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