Only if you are allowed to work in The Netherlands you can apply for jobs through Temper. This is why we require national ID cards or residence permits, and why driver's licenses aren't valid documents to establish if you're eligible to work.

Anyone with the Dutch nationality or nationality of a country of the European Economic Area (EEA) is allowed to work in The Netherlands. In case you don’t have this, you will need to have a valid residence permit.

Which residence permits are seen as valid?

  • Those with the title 'Arbeid vrij toegestaan’ mentioned, as well as 'Tewerkstellingsvergunning (twv) niet vereist'. This means labor is allowed freely and no work permit is required.

  • If you are based in The Netherlands for your studies, and have a residence permit titled 'Studie', you are also entitled to work as an independent contractor through our platform.

  • If you don't have a biometric residence permit yet, a sticker from IND (with the titles listed above) is also seen as a valid ID. Important: the sticker needs to be uploaded together with your passport.

  • Please note that a letter from the IND is not recognised as a residence permit. It is a confirmation that the IND intends to grant you the permit. For this reason, it cannot be approved on Temper.

In both cases, to determine whether you can work in the Netherlands, we ask you to upload a scan of your passport or identity card on behalf of the clients where you will apply to shifts. Your identity is mentioned in this document. Clients may always ask you for identification, so be sure to take your passport or ID card with you to your shifts. And keep in mind that a driver's license, often isn't sufficient. 

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