Through Temper you can work as a FreeFlexer in for example the hospitality, retail or logistics sector. Getting started is super easy! Register on the platform, build an attractive profile, respond to a few - or a lot of - interesting jobs and get started. Before you decide to become an entrepreneur for the VAT, you can try using Temper once to see whether working as a FreeFlexer is something for you.

Apply for shifts
You do this online via the platform. The client choses FreeFlexers, based on their skills and ratings. You can increase your chances of being chosen by responding to multiple shifts at once. In the case where an application for an overlapping shift has been accepted; your registration (for that overlapping shift) will automatically be withdrawn. You will receive an e-mail from the client once you have been chosen, but you can also keep an eye on your application via our platform. Add Temper to your address book and keep an eye on your mailbox. Once you have completed your shift, you can check-out your hours online and voila. It's that simple.

You can choose how you want to be paid. Once your check-out has been approved, the platform will automatically produce your invoice and start the chosen payment process. You can find the invoice in your financial overview. What is important to understand is that Temper is not your client and thus not the party who will pay your invoices. All financial matters are handled by an independent finance company called Finqle. They will always be the ones who will make sure you get paid. In short, to make it easy for you, we will send your invoice to the client after which, we will add your invoice to your financial overview. You will then receive the payments and factoring from Finqle.

Try Temper
You can use Temper to acquaint yourself with the life as a FreeFlexer. That is why you can work one shift without needing a so-called VAT-ID. Just so you can see if there is an intention to become an entrepreneur. You will of course, receive due compensation for this trial shift.

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