It rarely happens, but it can occur that something goes wrong with your ‘direct payment’, with the result that you will not receive your payment within 3 or 5 business days after confirmation of the client. The 2,9% that you pay for the choice of direct payment, is charged by the factoring company Finqle. 

As explained in the Terms of Agreement, you sell all your invoices for current and future clients to the independent factorization company, Finqle B.V. Whilst completing your checkout, you will get 2 options regarding the payment of your invoice. For a fee of 2,9% of the total invoice amount, you will be able to choose for payment within 3 to 5 business days after the agreement on your checkout. The other option you have is to wait for the client to fulfil the payment of your invoice.

Even though you’ll receive your payment a bit later than expected, Finqle still carries your debit risk. After all, they are obliged to wait for the payment of the client with the risk of never being paid or later than the deadline. Because of these reasons, unfortunately, you cannot request compensation or refund for the delayed payment of Finqle. Despite your payment being late, you did still receive your money in a shorter timeframe than any other method available.

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