Payment of your invoices goes through the factoring company Finqle. When the platform says that you have been paid but you haven’t received anything yet, it’s possible that the bank may need another day to process your payment. Pay extra attention to the weekends, in which the banks don’t process payments.

Please double-check your IBAN (bank account number) in your profile.
If after 2 days you still haven’t received your payment, please check whether your IBAN (full bank account number) is correctly saved in your profile. Click on your name in the right top corner and scroll down to “My Profile”. Scroll down to you IBAN and invoice information. Is the bank account number correct? Please send us a message via the chat, our supportteam is happy to help you further.

Is the IBAN correctly in your profile? Please contact us via the chat. Is the IBAN incorrectly? Please adjust this to the correct IBAN after which the payment will be made to your bank account within 4 business days.

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