Clients will pay the invoice to the factorization company Finqle after which they will transfer the money to your bank account. In most cases, the clients have a payment term of 14 or 30 days* to complete the invoices. You can find your average payment term during your checkout. Please keep in mind that this is an indication and not a guarantee

This is how you know your invoice has been received by the client.

  1. Go to your financial overview in the menu.

  2. Download your invoice.

  3. The date on the invoice is the day on which your invoice has been received by the client. 

What if the payment term has expired?
Once the payment-term of the invoice has expired, we call this an ‘overdue invoice.’ From this moment onwards, it’s important to grant the client a little bit of extra time. During this time, Finqle will start to send the client payment reminders and investigate why the invoice hasn’t been paid yet.

Once you haven’t received the payment of your invoice after 30 days of expiration, you are free to contact the client yourself to request information on the status of your payment. This template will help you to quickly send a professional message to your client.

* In rare cases, the payment term may be 45 or 60 days. The number of days can be found in the assignment agreement.

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