Rating your experience with a FreeFlexer is an important aspect of our platform. Other clients will make decisions based on the FreeFlexer’s overall rating. Your personal feedback given to the FreeFlexer can help them grow as a professional.

After the shift, the FreeFlexer has 7 days to complete their checkout. Within these 7 days, they fill out the worked hours and provide a rating for the client. The FreeFlexer’s rating won’t be visible to the client, only to other FreeFlexers.

Once the FreeFlexer has done their checkout, it’s the client’s turn to approve the hours and provide feedback. The client has 7 days to complete this action as well.

Rating*: Here, you can provide a rating on a scale from 1 to 5 stars. It’s also possible to give half stars. For example, if the FreeFlexer’s performance was good, you can indicate 4.5 stars. All of the clients’ ratings combined make up for the overall rating displayed on the FreeFlexer’s profile.

Skills, performance, work attitude & appearance: Indicate if you confirm or disagree with the listed skills.

Personal note: You have an option to provide more in-depth feedback for the FreeFlexer. This message will be visible only to them and it can be of great value for the FreeFlexer. You can explain why you perhaps gave them a lower rating, or what you thought was amazing in their performance. The FreeFlexer can apply this feedback to their future shifts.

Add the FreeFlexer to a flexpool? This is where you decide if you want to add the FreeFlexer to your group of high performers.

Was the FreeFlexer on time? Your answer will influence the FreeFlexer’s punctuality rating, visible to their potential clients and other FreeFlexers.

Apply in the future: Indicate if you would want the FreeFlexer to be able to see your upcoming shifts in their search filters. This prevents the FreeFlexer from applying to your shifts in the future. If you have excluded the FreeFlexer from your shifts unintentionally, contact our Support team via chat.

*If for any reason, you need to change the given rating, reach out to the Support team on chat.

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