Reliable ratings are an important part of a good functioning platform. The last couple of months we gathered feedback on this and we saw a huge opportunity to start improving the rating system. Read here how we did this.

The old rating system

Step 1: The FreeFlexer filled in the worked hours worked in the checkout after his shift. The FreeFlexer rated the client on a number of aspects, such as atmosphere in the workplace.

Step 2: The client checked the hours and rated the FreeFlexer on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. Optionally, the client indicated whether the FreeFlexer was on time and identified any areas for improvement.

Step 3: The FreeFlexer then received confirmation of the checkout and the star rating by email.

This could be done better in your opinion.

What needed to be done better?

From both the clients as the FreeFlexers we learned that the former rating system didn’t allow them to make a difference between ‘good’ and ‘great’. Because of this, top FreeFlexers were less visible and it was harder for clients to make the ‘best’ choice for them.

The skills needed for the job were endorsed per default at the checkout. Because of this, some FreeFlexers have skills added to their profile which they don’t fully master yet. As an example, some non-Dutch speakers now have Dutch as a language added to their profile.

Another feedback point was that FreeFlexers currently only receive the star rating as feedback, but little information on what this is based upon.

What has changed?

From now on you can also give half stars instead of full stars only. This to support when you think the work of the FreeFlexer was, for example, in between the 4 and 5 stars.

On top of that, you have the option to give your reasoning for the rating by marking tips and tops for skills, performance and work attitude of the FreeFlexer.

For example, you can select the skills that impressed you or the ones where you feel the FreeFlexer could improve on. With performance you can indicate the points the FreeFlexer earned a compliment on or what he could work on to position himself better. Think about experience or focus. For work attitude you can give positive and negative feedback on points like proactivity or independence.

Of course we keep on striving to a process as efficient as possible for both parties.

What does this mean for you as a client?

When you give a FreeFlexer a rating, you’ll have the option to specify your rating by clicking on different pointers on how the FreeFlexer performed. With this you’ll give the FreeFlexer an explanation of your rating and also the opportunity to learn on which points to improve. In the near future we’ll also add this information to the profile of the FreeFlexer, with which you’ll help other clients make a well based decision on accepting the FreeFlexer for shifts.

We believe that this helps make the rating system more fair and reliable. Transparent and reliable ratings are the basis of a well functioning platform according to us. This is also why we keep on improving this system in the future based on the feedback we receive.

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