After you’ve worked your shift you need to confirm the hours you’ve worked at the client, rate them, let us know whether you’d like to work there again and choose the preferred payment method. You can check out like this:

  • Go to your dashboard.

  • Go to your past shifts.

  • Click on the shift you’d like to check out.

  • The page with the shift details opens and a yellow button saying ‘Complete checkout’ will appear. Click on it.

  • Follow the steps and complete the checkout.

Once you’ve completed your checkout, the orange text ‘waiting for approval’ will show. The client has 7 days to complete your checkout.

I didn’t work, what do I do now?
In the case where you didn’t work, you can still complete the checkout. The checkout screen will first ask you whether you’ve worked or not. You will then answer this question with ‘No’. You can choose to answer ‘I couldn’t make it to the shift’ or ‘The shift got cancelled’. The completion of your checkout falls under your own responsibilities as a FreeFlexer. Make sure you complete your checkout within 7 days because if you don’t do this, the system will automatically turn it into a no-show. 

Tip: During the checkout, you’re supposed to fill in the hours you’ve actually worked. Were you sent home earlier than expected? This means you have the right to check out 50% of the hours you were supposed to work. 

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