When will I receive the payment of my claim?

Once the client has paid your invoice, your payment will be transferred to you within one business day

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Does the client cancel a shift whilst the cancellation deadline has passed? This gives you the right to claim 50% of the shift you were supposed to work. Within one business day of having received the payment from the client, Finqle will transfer the money to your bank account.

Your claim will be processed within 7 days of you having claimed 50%. Once your claim has been processed, the invoice of your claim will be sent to the client the next Monday or Thursday. You can find this invoice in your financial overview. The date on this invoice will be the start date of the 14 or 30 days payment term*. Direct payment is not an option for a claim.

* In rare cases, the payment term may be 45 or 60 days. The number of days can be found in the assignment agreement.

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