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How does FreeSecurity protect me as a FreeFlexer?
How does FreeSecurity protect me as a FreeFlexer?

FreeSecurity is a unique protection suite for FreeFlexers. It includes insurances, confidential counseling and financial protection.

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FreeSecurity is a unique protection suite for FreeFlexers. Temper has been the first company to offer such comprehensive care for freelance professionals.

With FreeSecurity, you are fully protected against a range of unpleasant cases that might happen in your life. We all wish they never happen, but if they do - it’s important to know you are backed up.

FreeSecurity includes 6 support components:

  1. Full-scale accident insurance up to € 50,000. During your shift, you are automatically covered against a range of cases like getting to the hospital, becoming permanently disabled or in the worst case passing away.

  2. Worry-free business liability insurance. Temper makes your work truly worry-free, as you are automatically covered against such kinds of things like accidentally injuring another person or damaging other people’s belongings at work.

  3. Unique sick pay. You are insured for income in case of longer term sickness or disability, and if you have worked at least 10 Temper shifts.

  4. Private support by a confidential counsellor. If an unpleasant situation has arisen during your shift, you can discuss it with an independent, confidential counsellor. Contact Nicole (TIME 2 THRIVE) for a consultation, by sending an email to [email protected]. The first appointment is free. Check out below video.

  5. Last-minute client cancellation protection. It really happens rarely, but if a client cancels your shift last-minute, you will have the right to charge 50% of the total shift value.

  6. Hassle-free substitution guarantee. If you can’t make it to the shift and the cancellation period is over, you can simply find a substitute - both within and outside Temper.

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